Building on the popular Paper / Rock / Scissors game, McDonalds China is giving away free cartoon cards packed in a superhero box for every  kids meal ( RMB16.50 / 2.50USD ) purchased.

Facts about the Cartoon cards

  • Description of Superheros’ ability printed on the cards to educate the kids
  • Power rate of super hero so that the kids can trade their cards – norm for card games
  • Nice visual of the superhero with each of their logo on the bottom right – Eg: Superman logo & action

The most interesting part of the cards are method to assemble the 3 cards to form a picture of a superhero.   When you disassemble them each cartoon cards represent rock, scissors, paper.   This way kids can use them to play with their friends.

McDonalds uses this promotional gift to enhance their set meal so that more kids will be attracted.   Licensed characters add strength to the campaign and client logo is on the back of the playing cards enabling a strong co-branding experience.

ODM also produces educational card games suitable for kids such as our Fetch Card Game, an interactive family card game for educating and communicating with children.