Hong Kong is hosting the East Asian Games from 5 December to 13 December and to tie in we are showcasing some of the products that help your clients make noise and be seen.

Outdoor events are perfect business opportunities to present desired corporate image in a fun and enjoyable ambience.

Noise Makers

Clapping Banner

Make some noise!   It has a nicely shaped portion for you to hold on to and spead it out like a 3D banner.      You can cheer for your team by using it to hit against your palm or even open up the folded clapping banner to show your logo/slogan/message to the opposing teams.

Sports Event Stick

This item is specially designed for outdoor events like soccer matches.  It can come in many different colours, sizes and design to suit the event.  Small straw comes with this package to inflate.   A Simple and cheap promo.


Promotional whistle that can come in many different shapes and form to tailor to the many kinds of events.    Use for cheering and creating noises for the players or teams.    Material wise are plastic and metal.

Inflatable Shakers

A huge logo visibility and noise making item.   It can be customize into many different forms to suit the occasion.   In addition, it can also have various degree of noise with the different amount of  rattling materials in the inflatable.


Double up your cheering by shaking your clappers!  Another helping hand for creating noise and being seen.   It can be custom-made into different shapes and sizes to suit your taste and events.

Being Seen

Take A Seat

Stadium seatbag that has 3 different types of material suitable for various kind of promotional campaigns  –  PU, PE, Polyester.    Each of the materials has different textures and softness    When carried like a backpack, anyone who is behind is able to view the message clearly.   If you are in the midst of cheering for your team, your valuables are also kept securely behind your legs in the mesh zip bag.     A good product for outdoor events!

Foam Hand

A sports paraphernalia item worn on the hand to show your support to your preferred teams.     Usually display a silk-screened team name, logo or other graphic or slogan.     Instead of human hand, this item can also be customized into team mascot or other.      Therefore, this promotional product that offers a generous area for printing corporate message is very suitable for this types of outdoor events.

Rolling Banner

This light and flexible banner with handle presents your logo clearly to attract people.      Rolling Banners – small but able to produce the same effect as big banners showing slogans or messages across the stadium or events.    Without much effort, you can show your support to your teams quickly and clearly.

Wearable Body Flag

Using one’s body as a pole for the flag support your country or favoutire team.   Just wear this body flag like a t-shirt so no matter where you are, you will be easily spotted.   This can be made in light or heavy fabrics depending on climate.

If you have trouble searching for ideas on promotional products specially for making noise and being seen, you can approach ODM staff for assistance. ODM has many related promotional products waiting for you to discover!

ODM will also comment on more promotional trends before these events…

  • Formula 1 in 2010 starting from Sakhir to the 19th race in Sao Paulo
  • Fifa Club World Cup in 2010 between 11 June and 11 July