One of the main dilemmas for introducing a promo gift within our marketing strategy is that the client has to find the perfect item that retains value on the customer´s desk. This means that the promo gift should be used constantly and not only for one use. If we think of an office supply, people normally use these supplies daily and throughout the whole year. So, why not include a creative product branded with our logo so that the customer remembers who we are?

For instance, we could use this 2-in-1 stapler as we can see in the image below:


Promo Gift Idea: 2-in-1 Stapler

Promo Gift Idea: 2-in-1 Stapler

How does this promo gift idea help us increase brand awareness?

Most of the time, businesses that use a promo gift or a giveaway normally use practical items that the client will find useful in a day to day basis. This stapler with tape not only is creative itself but also saves a lot of space on a table. If we are looking to really create a statement with promotional products to attract our clients attention, this great item will ensure visibility and utility which will guarantee that our brand will remain in front of the clients table for a long time.

When we introduce a promotional product to our business scope we need to be as unique as possible as well as creative in order to ensure that our clients are going to be fascinated with our ideas and maybe come back to purchase another product in the near future. If we give them a service, most of the time they will feel very valued which means that we might enhance our customer relationship and thus get more sales.

Some words for our Spanish followers:

Recientemente hemos estado mirando alrededor del mercado y hemos encontrado este magnífico producto que nos puede ayudar en el día a día. Este producto consiste en una grabadora con cinta de celo que en primer lugar nos evita ocupar espacios en nuestra mesa laboral y también tiene una larga duración, lo cuál nos permite conservarlo más tiempo y evitar comprar otra vez el mismo producto. Un producto promocional simple y barato para que nuestra marca incremente en conocimiento público.