Promotional products advertising can be a very cost effective way to advertise for your business. Buying low cost products and passing them out to customers, potential customers, community members and at trade shows can really flood the market with your business name and logo. This helps too increase brand recognition as well as increase the flow of new customers into you business. These customized magnets offers you so many options for your promotional campaign.

Promo Gift Idea - Customized Magnets

Promo Gift Idea – Customized Magnets

Why can these customized magnets improve brand recall?

There are few things that have more immediate utility than a well-made magnet.  Customized magnets are effective, because they are placed in a frequently visited area such as the fridge and will be viewed on a daily basis by an entire family or office.

Moreover, the days of boring business card magnets are long gone as you can order custom imprinted magnets that double as bottle openers, sticky note clips, picture holders, calendars and phone number lists. There are even customized magnets in the shape of specific items like cell phones, apples or toothbrushes to match your industry.

Planning out your promotional products will allow you to use them strategically throughout  the year. Promotions can help in driving sales. It does more then just advertising. It creates a friendly reminder of your business at each and every turn.

Just a couple of words about these customized magnets in Russian for our local readers:

Многие компании недооценивают возможности использования магнитов в качестве рекламы. И очень напрасно.  Ведь рекламный магнит гарантирует непосредственный контакт с потребителем. Традиционное место размещения магнитов является холодильник. И каждый раз в поле зрения Ваших потенциальных покупателей будет попадать рекламный магнит с logo Вашей компании. К их достоинствам можно отнести: большой срок службы, небольшой вес, различный дизайн.