Whether you need small gift items or large Led displays, ODM has a wide range of glowing products to suit your promotional needs.  Some items include the LED buckle, light up toys, bottle lamp, glowing martini glass, LED stirrer, flash necklace etc.  Check out our database for more ideas but some examples below…

Light ice cubes are a great way to dress up any drink. Your customers will never fail to notice it since they are right inside their very own glasses. Imprint your company name, logo or marketing message and you can make an immediate impact. These safe and reusable ice cubes can last up to 12 hours, and do not dilute your drink while keeping it cold. What’s great is that these glowing cubes can have many other uses as well.  You can place them in a bath tub to make an illuminating bubble bath, or place them in jars or bowls as beautiful decorations for your party themes.

LED fluorescent writing board allows your clients write on the conductive surface of this display board with a special fluorescence marker, switch on the power, and see your message light up in bright neon colours! Your message can be wiped off easily with a cloth, great for restaurant menus and ad-hoc advertising campaigns. This AC display board is also CE & ROHS certified and comes with a power plug, a battery box, 2 cleaning cloth, 4 hooks and a metal chain. Its aluminium frame can be imprinted with your logo and comes in 4 colours: black, gold, champagne and gray.

Bottle glorifiers are quite interesting for beer promos and such technology can be used as a POS for promoting and displaying any number of products.  Great for new product launches.