The World Red Cross & Red Crescent Day falls on every 8th May. On this special day, the associations’ efforts toward the relief of mankind suffering and after-effects of disaster will be acknowledged. Also, the kind acts of the volunteers involved will be recognized.

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

Wouldn’t it be great if your company could play a part in raising the awareness of these humanitarian associations? Simply give away related promotional gifts in this month.

You could …

Here are some promo ideas for you…

Car Flag Promo

Customers could bring the car flag to wherever they go, and promote Red Cross. What an effective way to spread the message! It is also a simple and affordable giveaway.

Promotional First Aid Kit

When customers see the first aid kits, they would be easily reminded of Red Cross and Red Crescent. By giving away the kits with logo on it, the brand could advertise itself and show that they care for their customers.

Promo Red Cross Plaster Dispenser

Lastly, our favorite would be this funky designed plaster dispenser. This gift is very attention seeking, thus making it an effective marketing tool. Customers would not only notice the real-life red cross, but also pay attention to the brand name printed on it.

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