Natio, a famous Australian cosmetics brand is running a curious gift with purchase promotion in New Zealand. Customers who spend over 35$ on Natio products receive a free BBQ set! The set includes three tools : a fork, a spatula and prongs. The tools are packed into a handy black case designed specially for them.

Promotional Gifts - BBQ Set by Natio

What I find interesting in this promotion is that the promotional gift has nothing to do at all with the brand’s beauty product. In fact they almost seem in opposition : BBQ tools are generally a gift for men whereas cosmetics are bought by women. Maybe is this promotion targeted at men, so as to encourage them to by the cosmetics for the wives, girlfriends, sisters?

This would be an intelligent marketing strategy, as it enlarges the brand’s potential client pool!

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What do you think of this promo?   What are you planning for this BBQ season?