Being in Shanghai last weekend, I had the opportunity to check out what promotions were going on in China. Promotional gifts on purchase are just as popular in Shanghai as they are in Hong Kong.   One promotional campaign I came across was by Nescafe. Most of our readers will be able to identify with this brand.

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The promotion was ongoing in just about all local convenience stores and supermarkets. Customers who bought one pot of regular Nescafe and one pot of CoffeeMatte could leave with a free, branded coffee cup and saucer and spoon. All elements where packed together with a bright red packaging attracting potential clients’ attention to the brand and this offer.

Promotional Gift Pack – Coffee Cup and Saucer y Nescafe in Shanghai

I particularly appreciated this gift with purchase marketing idea as it made a great package for someone like me. Indeed spending almost a week in Shanghai but without being fully equipped with home comforts, this package had all the useful elements I needed to make myself warm coffees.  Much needed after long days walking around a cold winter in Shanghai!

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