Spotted at Market Place Outlets in Hong Kong, Becks and Lowenbrau collaborated with Marco Polo Hong Kong to promote their 20th German Bierfest!

Promotional Mugs for Marco Polo Bierfest!

Simply purchase any promotional pack and you will receive Marco Polo German Bierfest Entry pass as well as a free promotional mug!This gift with purchase will definitely boost sales given that there are 2 giveaways. With such an attractive offer, consumers would go for this particular brand of beers.

However, we thought that the above promotional product could be improved! Promotional items such as mugs are easy to manufacture and can be customized in any design you want. Most beer glasses have their unique shape that allows consumer to recognize the specific brand. Instead of giving away the same design of mugs as shown above, one could actually add a twist to the design to make it unique.

By having a trademark design increases brand awareness and helps advertise your brand at the same time. Do not hesitate to contact ODMasia for more customization details, or check out our beer promo blog for more ideas!

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