An increasing number of pet parents are including their critters in their Halloween festivities, from dressing them up in costumes and taking them trick or treating, to buying them themed toys and treats.

Promotional Idea for Pet Shops

Every family thinks they have a superdog, why not have them dress the part? This is really fun, creative, low-cost ways to advertise and promote a pet shop.

Promotional Idea for Pet Shops

This is a really  cool way to attract attention to the brand, you could sell doggie costumes embossed with your pet shop’s logo or slogan, which will help to increase brand recognition significantly.

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A couple of words for our Russian readers:

Cкоро Halloween, но не забудьте приготовить костюм и для Ваших питомцев.  А для компаний, занимающихся производством товаров и кормов для животных, это хорошая возможность прорекламировать свой бренд. Главное не забудьте разместить логотип или слоган компании на продукции!