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Promotional Mat brings comfort to your customers feet.

Back from the 2011 Hong Kong Electronics Trade Show and full of brand new ideas for promotional items.    One product caught my eye  in particular : the comfort mat.

Comfort mat? Sorry what did you day? You’re probably asking how a floor mat can improve your physical comfort, and what is it doing at the Electronics show…

Well this is no ordinary mat.   This matt is designed as a complimentary product for Electronics – a comfort device for those who are on their feet all the time dealing with customers at cash registers or POS displays.

Promotional Gift - Comfort mat

The comfort mat is thicker than your basic mat and made of newly developed specialized materials.   It helps diminish the pain caused by prolonged standing. It’s many qualities include:

  • anti fatigue
  • shock absorption
  • impact reduction
  • anti slip

There are so many moments in day that this mat could improve. To mention but a few:

The ODM team really believes this new invention could make a great promo gift for many professionals, housewives, elderly persons or even children. Plus, it can easily be customized in terms of shape, colour or logo!

How about using this as a POS promo, rewarding staff who need to stand and serve customers for long periods of time.   What better way to promote your brand over all your competitors than by giving sales staff a strong incentive and affinity for your products !!

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