You probably would have seen one of the annual events or campaigns held by Colgate whereby free samples and promotional products were given out… But did those products leave a deep impression on you?

How about Colgate Toothbrush sticks for your Ice-cream and Lollipop?

Promotional Package – Ice Cream Stick by Colgate

This is an interesting advertisement we’ve found in Thailand. After eating the lollipop or ice-cream, it reveals an unexpected hidden message “Don’t forget” along with the Colgate branding… This is a very innovative way of branding a product! We love the interesting marketing idea as it create strong impact on the consumers. Besides reminding customers to brush their teeth and encouraging healthy oral care routine, it also enhances the brand recall!

Promotional Packaging – Lollipop stick by Colgate

On top of that, Colgate also offers many gift with purchase promotions to constantly emphasize their presence and add values to their products.

Start brainstorming on new promotional ideas to ‘wow’ consumers and the sales today! Do not hesitate to contact ODM for further inquiries.

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