This promotional item could be the perfect solution for every sports-related company. This football is printed with the team name and its colours.

Branded Promotional Football

Firstly, we would like to give you an idea on what kind of promotional campaign you could use this product for.

It is surely too expensive for giving it away just to increase your popularity. Therefore, you should give it away as a gift with purchase but combined with which product?
We would suggest to either giving it away with an expensive sports article such as football shoes or maybe with a football-related video game.

If your company is operating in more than one country, you could brand this football in a different way for each country.

This is a good way to start a multinational campaign without spending too much effort thinking about different products for each country.

We would suggest to use this product shortly before a big event like the World or European Cup because customers are even more interested in football-related products.

As mentioned above, this item could be the perfect solution for every sports-related company but in terms of big events, it can be used by almost every company to bring customers to their stores.

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A few words in German:
Dieser Fußball mit Landesflaggenaufdruck ist eine gute Gelegenheit eine länderübergreifende Kampagne zu starten, ohne für jedes Land verschiedene  Produkte suchen zu müssen.
Wir empfehlen diesen Werbeartikel vor allem Sportartikelherstellern in Kombination mit z.B. Fußballschuhen.