Here we have a fantastic example of a prosecco promo campaign exclusive to Cathay Pacific and promoted through their magazine. The gift on offer is enrolled as a Bottega Jeroboam Ice Bucket and not only does it look incredibly stylish and premium quality but is a product that holds use.

Prosecco Promo: Bottega Jeroboam Ice Bucket

Prosecco Promo: Bottega Jeroboam Ice Bucket

Why we like this prosecco promo campaign?

  • Quality- As shown in the image above, you can’t deny that the product overall looks extremely high-end. Bottega place pride in being a pristine drinks provider, and there’s no denying that the gift offered as one that correlates to that hypothesis.
  • Design- Not only does the gift on offer a generously premium one, it also is designed impeccably well. Proudly crafted and integrated is the Bottega logo, further supporting the mantra of being a top quality brand. This is a great tool in gaining brand recognition as your brand is out there to be seen.
Prosecco Promo: Bottega Jeroboam Ice Bucket

Prosecco Promo: Bottega Jeroboam Ice Bucket

  • Useful- If you are going to purchase such high quality beverages, you better ensure that they are cold when you are drinking it! As such, many drinks promo campaigns include promotional cooler boxes or ice buckets in order to encourage this. When offering a product of such high quality, there’s no doubt that it’s one that will be used.
  • Outlet of promotion- Magazine promotions are a great thing. When centring a campaign around airline magazines in particular it is important to try and adapt to the traveller-type consumer. Drinks in general are heavily pushed through travel channels because of the “relaxing holiday” connotation, as a consequence this can play a big part on the success of the campaign and making sure you as a brand are targeting the right type of consumer.

The benefits to using gwp‘s via a drinks promo are endless. They have been proved to play an important role in stimulating sales and crucially increasing brand awareness and recognition.

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