Last Christmas or on your Birthday, did you feel that somebody else might enjoy some of  the gifts you received more than you?   When is the last time you ReGifted?

Regifting is a very important concept in the Promotional Products business too.   Marketing Managers are always looking for new and interesting promotional gifts to offer their customers and there is a fine balance to play when selecting the Perfect Promo Gift.

Top Tip:  The more interesting or Niche the gift, the more chance you alienate some customers. 

Promotional Products & ReGifting

Look back at the Condoms with Free iPhone case GWP blog.   iPhone cases have been an extremely popular promo gift this year, but when you think of it giving such a gift can have a lot of downside….

  • Apple users might have different version of the iPhone
  • Android Users will feel alienated
  • Those with simple phones will feel even more alienated.
  • Most users already have a case in a shape & colour they are happy with.

Given such a downside, this sort of promotion still works and it is greatly helped by the regifting phenomenon.

If your marketing product or advertising gift is destined to be regifted, then a key imperative is to understand the “stand alone” value of the gift.   What is the Perceived Value now that it is no longer associated with the promotion?   How can we maximise the perceived value of the promotional gift?

Key design factors to consider…

Logos are a minefield !!   Marketing Managers usually choose promotional gifts that give clients high utility straight away to push impulse purchase (see the Jameson Adaptors).  Longevity is also key so if you keep the promotional gift long term clients will remember their brand.  This is why we usually print logos on the product and not just the packaging.   The trouble is that, by and large, people do not want to become walking billboards advertising your shampoo, vitamins, petrol, chocolates, etc…

All this means that marketing managers must walk a fine line between giving value to clients and getting the benefits of long term advertising.   ODM offer assistance with designing logos and using correct logo methods, matching pantone colours to your brand etc… so that this message can be made less overt but still effective.   This maintains the Maximum Perceived Value for the promotion.

Packaging makes it easier for people to regift products by offering separate or removable packaging from main products.  Choose carefully and ask ODM for suggestions on unusual or niche options such as our Bottle Neckers.

Think of all the on-pack promotions, redemption gifts & gift with purchase products you have seen this year.

We would love to hear some case studies from you on our comments sections.