The day of green, drinking and all things Irish is nearly upon us. What better way to celebrate this than with this St Paddy’s Promo.

Saint Patrick’s Day is based upon the patron Saint of Ireland, St Patrick. It is celebrated on 17 March, which is said to be the date of his death. It is celebrated inside and outside Ireland as a religious and cultural holiday.

Sumersby Cider are releasing a very appropriate St Paddy’s Promo gift with their drinks, a bag to transport their bottles as well as keep them cool by just adding ice. Furthermore once the celebrations are finished it can be re used for other drink products.

St Paddy's Promo: Sumersby Cider Cooler Bag

St Paddy’s Promo: Sumersby Cider Cooler Bag

What we Like about this St Paddy’s Promo:

  • As Sumersby Cider is already green, it fits perfect to the celebratory colours of the well known holiday. This means that the promo product already promotes the day and the company at the same time. With green straps and a see through bag (presenting the green bottles and Sumersby packaging inside), it creates instant holiday and brand recognition to all those that drink it, promoting the brand massively with this association.
  • Multi-Purpose use allows customers to conveniently transport their Cider while keeping it cool. For use afterwords it can be applied for almost anything, including transportation of non drink products – if there hasn’t been too much cider spilt over it during the festivities.
  • In comparison to the surrounding beer brands it makes the company stand out from the rest. Rather than having dull, and unattractive packaging, the neat and more presentable promotional bag gives the Cider a more attractive appearance to any customer going to buy alcohol.
  • Cold drinks, especially in warm weather, have a much greater demand than warm beers. With this promotional offer it gives the opportunity for those celebrating the holiday a chance to have a more refreshing drink.
St Paddy's Promo: Sumersby Cider Cooler Bag

St Paddy’s Promo: Sumersby Cider Cooler Bag

Here at ODM we have designed and produced a variety of promotional bags. From makeup bags to tote bags you will never be disappointed with these promotional products. And now with St Patricks Day almost upon us, it is the perfect time to promote your product the Sumersby way with an amazing green Irish cooler bag.

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