Golf monthly magazine is offering free Bridgestone golf balls in the UK as a gift with subscription .This marketing product comes in a nice packaging that is branded with Bridgestone’s logo. Each package consists of 12 free Bridgestone golf balls. It is an exclusive offer that gives you a marketing product that is worth £44.99!

GolfMonthly Marketing Product

Golf Monthly Marketing Product

Golf Monthly is a magazine packed of help and information you will need to improve your golf game every month. It includes tips, drills and advices from UK’s top 25 coaches. Each issue also consists of star player interviews, equipment reviews and location to play golf. Thus it is definitely the perfect choice for every golfer!

Golf’s marketing product a brilliant way to attract subscriptions

Golf Monthly Marketing Product- Bridgestone golf balls

Golf Monthly Marketing Product- Bridgestone golf balls

Golf has utilized a very effective marketing product that is able to bring out the best of every penny that they have invested in. These golf balls will definitely attract readers to make a subscription. Who will not want free golf balls with every subscription made? Furthermore, these are branded golf balls by Bridgestone Golf. All the more Golf’s readers would be interested to sign up for it. As such, Golf has utilized a marketing product that is very suitable for their target audience. A marketing product like this will ensure that customers will use it every time they play golf. It is a marketing product that customers will definitely appreciate and this entices them show continuous support to Golf Magazine.

Bridgestone benefit from this marketing product

When Golf magazine is offering Bridgestone’s golf ball, they are also providing free advertising for Bridgestone. As the packaging is imprinted with Bridgestone’s logo, this marketing product act as a free advertising agent that improves their brand recognition and brand recall. This subscription offer allows Bridgestone to reach out to a greater pool of audience and ultimately experience an increase in sales.