Cricket is a bat-and-ball game which originated from England. The Cricketer Magazine is offering a gift pack which consists of a mug, a tie and a pair of socks for every subscription made. This had been introduced in order to bring in more readers into its community. This is an excellent marketing idea by them, and this blog will highlight why this is.

Gift with Purchase - Mug, Tie and Socks from The Cricketer Magazine

Gift with Purchase – Mug, Tie and Socks from The Cricketer Magazine

Why is this gift with purchase a good marketing ploy?

  • Practicality: Any promotional product must be something that customers can get significant use out of. In this example, all of these items are great promotional products to give away as anyone can use them. Offering an item with practicality such as this will encourage sales even more.
  • Brand awareness: With clear and distinct branding, you can be sure that your brand awareness will increase as your product is exposed to others. Moreover, all of these items have The Cricketer‘s logo on i, and this will help to boost brand recall.
  • Encourage sales: The best way to grab someone’s attention is to give them something free of charge. By offering a free gift with purchase like The Cricketer’s have here is a great way to increase sales. It will really make the customer feel that they are getting value for their money. This is due to it adding a considerable amount of value to the initial product offering. They will definitely spur impulse purchases because it differentiates itself from other magazines.

What do you think of this promotional gift pack? Have you considered using

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