Cocktails made from alcoholic spirits can be very colourful. Promotional campaigns and products that surround them tend to follow this trend and be very innovative. Diageo have recently introduced a mini bottle atomiser (13 cms high with capacity 50mm) in some key markets for one of their Gin brands.   Atomiser for cocktails.

Atomiser for Cocktails by Tanqueray
Atomiser for Cocktails by Tanqueray

Tanqueray No. Ten is a London Dry Gin which was introduced in 2000 and targeted at the Martini market.  Spraying a thin layer of Gin over the Martini finishes off the cocktail and the unique bottle shaped atomizer certainly ties in well with the luxury brand.

Whilst this Atomiser is great for cocktails another use for this is for cooking.  Many recipes call for a scent or flambe and an atomiser might also be good for use in the kitchen.  ODM can customise the bottle shape, colour and embossed logo on top.

This product is a good example of a crossover promotion from the Cosmetics market where atomisers have been used for a long time to diffuse scents. ODM send a team to the Cosmoprof exhibition every year for ideas.  Our range of Promotional products for beer can also be used for crossover promotions.

ODM will continue to report on new products and trends for the Spirits market.   Another promotion to tie in with mini bottles are cradles for decorative purposes – used as gift with purchase on a big bottle of spirits in the duty free market.

For info, Diageo global priority brands are their primary growth drivers across markets.  They have broad consumer appeal across geographies, and although each of them has a rich heritage they all continue to innovate and expand to meet new and emerging consumer trends.  They manage and invest in these brands on a global basis so there is a consistent marketing from country to country.  The eight global priority brands are: