Incorporating gift with purchase items is great not just for the consumers, but also for the business owners. However, doing this for every product that comes out of the warehouse is not advisable. If that happens, then they will lose the element of surprise that people love.

If you want to add a gift with purchase in your merchandise, take note of how Buck Commander has done theirs.

Buck Commander Gift with Purchase

Buck Commander is a brand specializes in deer hunting. Their current gift with purchase promo is for its Buck Store Gear. Simply purchase any Riflescope or Binoculars to get a BlackTimber Hunting Backpack for free!

Buck Commander Gift with Purchase: Promotional Blacktimber Hunting Bag

Buck Commander Gift with Purchase: Promotional Blacktimber Hunting Bag

This promotional gift stands out greatly because of the following:

  • Unique Design. Its unique design presents exclusivity that is related to the main business. It portrays a camouflage style that will allow hunters to blend in the woods or forests. This promotional item would definitely catch the eyes of all hunters.
  • Very Practical. Durable backpacks are practical and suitable when hunting. Hunters will not need to carry various bags for their special equipment if they have a good-sized backpack. Hence, this promotional product would come to great use. Either the consumers opt for the Binoculars or the Riflescope, they will realize that these are worth their money and effort. Not to mention, it will cost them nothing to get this gift with purchase that has the price value of $123.49. Customers might also switch to this brand just to get hold of the promotional merchandise.
  • Great for Brand Placement. The backpack is like a huge canvas for brand marketing and advertising. During the hunting season, it’s not only the wild animals that the hunters will encounter. More often, they will also come across other hunters, and the hunting stuff that they use might come up. For this reason, the gift with purchase can nicely exhibit how high-quality the brand’s products are.

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