Celestial Movies HK is currently giving away free Mini Cooper USB flash drives to people who subscribe to the channel from 30th April. We saw this promo, which is still ongoing, on a tram and we were astounded by the visibility and exposure the advertisement is getting.

Celestial Movies HK – Mini Cooper USB Giveaway

True that it doesn’t warrant enough impact to influence people to register for the show just by giving it out, but the USB makes a very nice gift to reward those who sign up with them.

Tram – Great Advertising Medium to get attention for high budgets

Whilst the Mini Cooper USB has little relation to the channel, this promo is a success for the following reasons:

  • Utility -a necessity item for all those using computers
  • All Ages – Celestial does not miss out any target audience
  • Unique Design – who can resist the charm of Mini Coopers anyway?
  • Retro – great to get noticed and get people talking.

Grab attention and stir up interest with your next promotional campaign.  This type of USB will appeal especially to Mini Cooper fanatics, but we can redesign to target all other demographics.

Funky Design always attracts attention…

Suggestion: We feel the Mini Cooper Promotional USBs could adopt the channel’s signature colours (purple?) for enhanced relevance to the brand. See below for more design ideas for your giveaways.

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