We have recently spotted Chabot Armagnac boosting their marketing efforts in many retail shops to increase sales. The below case study was spotted in a duty free shop in Chinese airport. Chabot is giving away a high end customized earplugs as well as a writing pen as a form of gift with purchase.

Chabot Armagnac Gift with purchase

Chabot Armagnac Gift with purchase

High end gift with purchase works like a charm

The reason why companies with higher marketing budget always choose to go for higher quality gift with purchase is because they are great at creating that impulse buying feeling in the customer. By having a exquisitely designed gift with purchase that gives out the impression of class and luxury, your customers will definitely be influenced more than a regular gift with purchase.

In the case of Chabot, they invested a good amount to design their own exquisite earplugs as well as pens to interest their customers. This is a great way to get their customers interested especially by displaying their gift with purchase and POS at the duty free shops in the airport. People that usually shop in these duty free stalls are prone to impulse buying because they are under the influence of holiday mood etc.

Reasonably priced gift with purchase that still works wonders

If you find that customizing your own earplugs to give away as a gift with purchase is too costly, fret not! They are tons of other gift with purchase ideas out there that can fit your budget and deliver a marketing impact just as fine. Why not consider giving away a Fedora hat with your logo branded on it? Such a fashion item will definitely make into the list of items your customers will actually use. Furthermore, it is a relatively low cost item so you are definitely getting the most bang out of your marketing dollars!

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