On a recent visit to South Korea we found this interesting gift with purchase for liquor companies. They are travel bags for a marketing campaign by Chivas Regal at Incheon Airport in South Korea. A high quality giveaway that is useful during your travels.


Duty Free Gift with Purchase

Gift with purchase at Incheon Aiport

Gift with purchase at Incheon Aiport

While we were walking through the duty-free shop at Incheon Airport we saw that Chivas Regal were giving away these high quality travel bags. When you purchased a bottle of Chivas Regal you would not only get 1 travel duffel bag but also a travel trolley for free. It was a gift with purchase that is great due to its usefulness for traveling. It is important to know what to giveaway at a certain location. For example, Chivas Regal were giving away travel bags due to having the selling point being at an airport.


Gift with purchase for your promotions

Gift with purchase at Incheon Aiport

Gift with purchase at Incheon Aiport

If you have a planned promotional campaign for your company consider having a look at the gift with purchase example of Chivas Regal.  It is a high quality giveaway that not only  increases the added value of your product but also gives your product a higher probability to be chosen over the competitors. Overall it is important to choose a high quality promo for boosting your own brand image.


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