Clinique is a well known cosmetics company that is globally renowned for offering quality products to combat signs of ageing – keeping todays young skin healthy and they are offering a unique promo gift to their customers. They have a diverse product range for men and women of all ages and always offer eye-catching promotions throughout the year.

Clinique Luxurious Leather Bag Promo Gift

Clinique Luxurious Leather Bag Promo Gift

Right now Clinique in the UK are offering a luxurious leather makeup bag, targeting ladies who enjoy using high quality cosmetics and want to carry them around all day in style.

With this fashionable make up bag you can touch up your makeup on the go and look great all day.

Why offer promo gifts to your customers?

This kind of promo gifts are really handy in the summer due to all of the public events where being able to carry your cosmetics around with you is an essential. For the a fashionable lady who may either get blemishes from the sun or easily sunburnt. Wimbledon and the recent Glastonbury festival are key examples of a prime location to be able to touch up their makeup whilst being on the road.

The image elaborates the quality and style of this robust leather bag that will keep your cosmetics organised, fashionable and safe for years to come. Pick up this great promotion today when you spend £40 or more on Clinique cosmetics.

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