Desigual had launched several promotions, which includes giving out promo gifts such as Maxi Bag and Tote Bag for purchases of their products. The Maxi Bag were given out to customers who makes purchases above USD$ 99, while the Tote Bag were given for purchases above USD$ 240. Desigual Singapore is currently offering a promo gift. This promotion is available at TANGS, Orchard, level 2. With a minimum purchase of SGD$199 in a single receipt, you will get to receive a laptop cover. Read on to find out more about this promo gift!

Clothe your laptop with Desigual’s Promo Gift

Clothe your laptop with Desigual’s Promo Gift

Desigual is a casual clothing brand that is based in Barcelona, Spain. It was founded in 1984 and is renowned for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti are and flamboyant splashes of colour. It has grown into an internationally renowned brand with over 51 stores worldwide today.

Why make use of a promo gift?

A promo gift is the most effective form of advertising as compared to newspapers and magazines. It is cost effective and results can be seen almost immediately through the use of promo gifts. With competition heating up in every segment of the market, it would be vital for a company to be different and stand out from its competitors. This way, your company will be able to survive from the fierce competition and gain a stronger foothold in your industry.

By making use of a promo gift, consumers would easily be attracted to your product. They would think that the products offered by your company are of better value as compared to other brands. This also encourages them to repurchase your products in anticipation of future promotions.

Satisfied customers would definitely spread word about this promotion to their family and friends, helping to raise awareness for your brand. This would spark interest in many others who have yet to hear about your brand and they would be tempted to purchase your products just to receive the promo gift. Over time, brand loyalty will be cultivated and these customers would purchase your products on a regular basis, helping to generate revenue for your company. As more and more people turn to your brand, your brand name would become more established. This would in turn lead to an increase in sales for your company.