ODMasia is launching the Coolzee 4 in 1.   This is a patented product, building on the traditional stubby holder, that ODMasia is preparing to bring to market with a special 4 in 1 function.

The body of Coolzee is made of Neoprene foam that can keep can/bottle drinks cool. The base is made of a hard and durable plastic which gives the holder its 3 other functions.

  1. Cooler.   Neoprene material insulates thee drink and keeps it cool
  2. Pop Top. Simply place the base onto the bottle cap and pop it open
  3. Twist-Off. Overturn Coolzee and fit the bottle cap onto the top hole; just twist it to open!
  4. Tab-Puller. Place the bottom side on Coolzee on the can’s tab & push down to pull open tab.

The Coolzee can match any pantone (base and material) and we have samples available now in a good selection of colours.

You are able to get more information here
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