Coors Light are offering on a new Beer Promo mechanism for the UK market.   We bought a 4 pack of beer with the packaging strongly promoting Free Rewards.

With this beer promo clients need to log onto Then you must enter in the unique code given on the inside of the packaging with your purchase, create an account for yourself etc…

Once logged onto the website clients are able to access awards depending on the volume of their purchases.   You can add new vouchers as you buy more beer so people can collect points and rewards till end July 2010.

4 bottles of Coors light get you 10 points.  With this you can claim a free beer in a chain of bars.   With 20 points you can get a steel bottle opener.   With 100 points you can redeem event related promotional products.

The stock levels of the various items are listed and currently are running very low with many events items like go-karting sold out.   This indicates a successful campaign and understocking of promotional products.