Walking the HK Electronics show today we saw a fan with no blades in the center. Curious, we went to take a closer look for it was first time to see them up close.  I wanted one….

Unfortunately, back at the office we did some IP research and learned that these are a replica / copy of the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fans.

They work differently from conventional fans, using an “Air Multiplier™ technology” to draw in air and amplify it.   The Dyson website mentions that this fan has no blades or grille making them safe and easy to clean.

Pity to see another Carbon copy product on the show with factory making little effort to innovate themselves.  Wonder if it will go the same way as the Vacuum Cleaner of if the IP on this one is strong enough to close down these factories.   Will see again at the April Electronics Show..

Read more on Dyson, the inventor.