Every serious courier service in the world will have a strong presence in Hong Kong.   The fight for business here is very tough and so these companies use promotional products to lure customers..  FedEx sent us a magnet in the shape of FedEx Express service van.   The uniqueness of the magnet is that it had 2 layer magnet so that the back of truck opens and we can see information such as the FedEx website and FedEx customer service hotline.   UPS and other key players have extensive customer loyalty catalogues working on points basis and most companies combine this promo with steep volume discounts on turnover.

DSCN6804 DSCN6803
There are many small companies who offer great value.   ODM uses companies like Royale, HKDC for some international routes.   For shipping between Hong Kong and China the clear leader is SF Express.   Their strong service and massive market share is very impressive but so far they are not well known outside of China.   Maybe they need to do some more brand marketing.