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Curb Machines

ODM Shanghai has developed a range of small curbing machines for key clients in Europe, N. Africa, and Australia.  https://www.odmind.com/industrialproducts.html

Our machine is very easy to use and also very efficient. It handles residential, industrial and commercial curb and edging landscaping applications. The unique drive mechanism and durable construction sets our machine apart from others.

We have also a function on the machine to block the handlebar, so it is easier to make straight lines and curves.


After the great success of our small curbing machine ODM Shanghai is now launching our much bigger machine, a gutter machine with 3 sensors. This is more suitable for roadworks and major construction projects.

A high tech hydraulic/electric system, complete with sensor box to automatically follow the string line at the same time keeping automatic height and cross-level control. The ODM curbing machine incorporates the basic functions of manual hydraulic controls with the facility to select automatic cross level, plus automatic line and height controls. Conversely, manual control may be achieved by isolating the electrical circuits with the switches provided.

This large curbing machine is designed to extrude shapes having a maximum width of 1200 mm and a height of maximum 500 mm;

• Powered by a 16 hp Köhler engine with a 12 volt starting.
• Can produce an average of 3 meters per minute.
• Weight : 900 Kgs
• Size: 2400x920x880 mmbig-curb-machine