Although combining alcohol with tea might sound a bit odd, Bénédictine created their own trend: The Jasmin Bénédictine. This drink mixes the famous herbal liqueur with fresh hot jasmin tea, which results in this very unique cocktail. Bénédictine designed a special Gift with Purchase for the Singaporean market: when buying a bottle of Bénédictine Liqueur, customers get a custom glass to recreate their own Jasmin Bénédictine.

Custom Glass for Bénédictine Tea Cocktail

Custom Glass for Bénédictine Tea Cocktail

Bénédictine is a herbal liqueur with a long and interesting history dating back all the way back to 1510. The recipe is a well-kept secret, consisting of various kinds of herbs and spices. The cocktails that can be made with this are just as one-of-a-kind. As mentioned above, one of these cocktails is called Jasmine Bénédictine. In the Singaporean market, Bénédictine came out with a limited edition, double walled tea glass, with an extra cup and a lid.

Why do we like this Custom Glass promotion?

  • Practicality: If a customer wants to make a lovely, fragrant Jasmine Bénédictine, but doesn’t have a tea glass on hand, this would be the perfect solution. A cup like this has all the right measures, making it a very useful product.
  • Design appeal: the glass has a very unique shape, so it will easily catch the customer’s eye. The way it is placed on the shelf also makes it easily noticable. Because it’s a limited edition design, the demand might be higher. The glass is specifically designed for Bénédictine.
  • Finer brand remembrance: After using the glass for mixing cocktails, customers will put the glass in their cupboard next to their normal glasses. Everytime they open their cupboard to grab a glass, they will see the brand logo on it which will remember them about Bénédictine. Maybe this will spark their interest to buy another bottle!

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