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Custom Printed Water Bottle- Ovaltine Shakes Up Store Shelves!

Ovaltine is currently offering a custom printed water bottle as an on-pack gift. Simple, yet really practical and relevant, it creates an urgent call to action to customers right at the point of sale.

Spotted this promotion at a supermarket in the Philippines, the gift item is bounded to the powdered chocolate drink’s packaging with clear plastic. Doing so made the product more attractive to customers. Since Ovaltine is an established name, its sole focus is not to impress anymore, but to increase engagement by offering useful on-pack gifts. Their goal is to “shake up” shoppers exactly at the point of sale.

Custom Printed Water Bottle

True to their motto, “A healthy kid is a happy kid,” Ovaltine’s promotional plastic tumbler is encouraging kids and parents to buy the product. Ovaltine is a household name across the globe and people love the fact that it has no artificial flavorings and has less sugar. As such, this makes a healthy drink choice for kids. Therefore, offering a tumbler as a gift effectively cements the brand as a must-have on every family’s breakfast table.


Custom Printed Water Bottle

The water bottle comes in red color that is associated with Ovaltine. On the bottle is written, “Enjoy Ovaltine Shake Shake.” The white letters stood out against the red bottle so it is really catchy and easy to remember. But how does this on-pack promotional gift help Ovaltine’s marketing?


Why We Love this Custom Printed Water Bottle

Ties in Well With the Product– What we like about this water bottle is that it complements the main selling item, which is Ovaltine chocolate powder drink. Customers can use the tumbler to make their kids’ favorite chocolate drink and juice drinks.

Healthy Drink Options– Nowadays, there are so many drink options to choose from. To ensure that kids always choose nutritious over sugar-filled drinks, many companies are offering some sort of customer reward in the form of on-pack giveaways and gifts with purchase. And drink bottles are usually marketing manager’s fave items to get their message across.

Increased Engagement– One of the reasons water bottles are very popular marketing gifts is that it satisfies a need-to quench thirst. It will surely be used by customers every day, thereby increasing its brand impression.

Affordable- Customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers something extra as this makes them feel they have scored a great deal. Furthermore, putting together a custom gift set, with products commonly used together saves customers time and energy shopping for things they need. As such, shoppers are more likely to put them in their shopping carts.

Gifts Encourage Repeat Sales- Offering practical gifts that customers can use every day can also build loyalty and retain customers. Once customers are satisfied with the gift, they will come back for more.


Our Key Takeaways…

Ovaltine did a great job promoting their product with an on-pack gift: custom printed water bottle. Because it is reusable, people will surely use it for longer. This sustains customer interest and loyalty since satisfies a need- to quench thirst. It also demonstrates that simple is more. From a shopper’s perspective, this promotion is catchy, since we can see straight away what Ovaltine is offering. It is also affordable because they can get two products for the price of one.

Drink bottles are a versatile marketing gift. They can come in various sizes and shapes. And, if you have the means, you can even make high-end ones with additional functionalities such as bottles with Bluetooth speakers.


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