Kitchen utensils are often given away as gifts – look at our previous blogs which feature redemption campaigns with Wellcome & Mannings in HK for example.

Every household uses them and they are indeed a great promotional items that allow you to market your brand and to increase brand recall, reminding consumers of your company each time they use it.

Customized Utensils with Detailed Designs..

You can even decorate these silverwares gifts to add an elegant feel to this promotional productEmbossing or Debossing helps create a distinct mark on stainless steel merchandise, imprinting your logo on it  would produce better visuals.

By having such customized designs along with an elaborate packaging would make a perfect promotional gift! A simple silk screen printing of your logo on the cover will act as free advertising even when displaying the product.

Gift set packaging makes great promotional gifts!

How about adding this utensil rack? Providing convenience to your customers, this might be a very effective PWP promo to drive sales.  Attaching a epoxy logo to remind your consumers of your brand would be ideal!

Kitchenware Rack Promotions.

Do not hesitate to contact ODM with regards to customization and packaging details!

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