52 countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June.   In just 2 months time, many around the world will celebrate to honor their fathers, while fathers themselves will look forward to commemorate this special occasion. These are some gifts that may serve as a momento and your father’s next treasure.


Watches are perceived as key fashion accessories and an important heirloom passed down through generations. These uniquely designed watches can be incorporated with your own logo giving you an edge in advertisement. Materials of the straps can also be customized.

Garments and Footwear

Print interesting messages on any variety of apparel for your beloved dad.  These items with large visual printing space will tell the world how much you love him.

Golf products

This is your chance to surprise your loved ones with brand new golf equipment and accessories.   There are a huge variety of options at all price levels.

More golf products can be found here.

Cuff Links

Presented in an exquisite box, these cuff links conveys messages of premium and quality. Add alittle human touch, such as a handwritten note and this gift will definitely be a wonderful one.

ODM also offer a great range of gadgets from simple items like the Tea Tool to more complex items like Electronics.   Hobbies like wine collecting or cars also feature strongly.