As a dog lover, you take great responsibility. I love to enjoy walking my dog in the park, however, cleaning the waste of the dog can be chore. I believe anyone with pets would face this problem when bringing them out; dirty hands after clearing the waste.

Fetch can clear up the mess at no time, without dirtying your hands! This is how it is done:

  • Comes with an easy grip that opens Fetch’s jaw with touching any waste. It can dispose the bag of waste easily.
  • Made for walking. It is hand-held and lightweight that can be carried around conveniently. As Fetch seal tightly after picking up the waste, there will not be odors during the walk.
  • With a liner bag in the Fetch to pick up waste all the time, Fetch never gets dirty. It can be store at home easily without making a mess or smell.

Elastic-edge liner bag is ideal to go along with the Fetch, as the elastic edge allows it to install easily and enables it to close automatically. The bag is made of thin polyethylene film with elastic band around the edge, and they can be dispose in waste receptacle.

Promoting to be enviromental-friendly, bio-degradable bags are developed. They are made of thin water-soluble film with elastic edge, so we can dispose them in any toilet or waste receptable.


 click here for Fetch demostration video