If your clients love tea, it can mean a lot for them to get a Teatool promotional gift from you. The struggle to keep a table clean when you use a teabag, to be specific, is just too real. It comes dry out of the packet, but dripping won’t stop after removing it from the cup. Worse, it may splotch on the consumers’ clothes and ruin their day.

How A Teatool Works

The product allows users to enjoy their tea without making a mess during the preparation. But since you are a brand representative, you should know how the tool functions too. It’s the best way to encourage your customers that they truly need a Teatool.

Teatool promotional gift

Teatool Promotional Gift: Why Is It An Innovative Giveaway for Tea Lovers?

Step 1: Open the bag holder.

That is the claw-like item at the base of the advertising merchandise. It opens when you pull the top handle upwards.

Step 2: Grab the tea bag.

Use the Teatool promotional gift to clasp the bag. This product is specifically good for tea bags that lack strings.

Step 3: Place it in boiling water.

The client can dunk the tea bag with the tool. The material won’t melt once subjected to heat, so they can leave it there for minutes.

Step 4: Squeeze the tea bag.

To extract most of the fluids from the leaves, push the top handle down. The action will enable the claw to clamp tighter.

Step 5: Dispose the tea bag.

Finally, release the used bag in the trash bin. Open the bottom piece once more to do that.


Perks of Teatool Promotional Gift for Brands

  • Innovative. The item is an actual modern tool that tea lovers can ever want. From the first to the last step, their hands won’t need to touch the bag.
  • Convenient. Despite the multiple pieces bound together, the Teatool promotional gift has a simple structure. You may have it manufactured within your marketing budget with a reliable manufacturer’s help.
  • Brandable. The bare black plastic is a nice canvas for your logo or whatever design the brand wants. With the right printing technique, it will show on any part of the marketing gift too.

Doesn’t a Teatool promotional gift make a great special offer for your tea-loving consumers? It has a unique purpose and is super useful. The product can spread brand awareness as well when you add your logo clearly.

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