Among the most radical marketing gifts ever invented is the Octopus Suction Coolie. Its name derives from the fact that it has eight tiny cups at the bottom for tentacles. The hollow body resembles the marine creature as well. Regardless, those are not the only advantages of customizing this product for your brand.

octopus suction coolie

The Octopus Suction Coolie – ODM’s Smart Invention

The height of this promotional merchandise can cover half of a 500-mL water bottle. Because ODM’s invention is created out of silicone, you may stretch it a little for a slightly bigger container. In case you place a cold drink in it, condensation won’t collect inside the product since there’s a role hole at the base.

The usefulness of the Octopus Suction Coolie, moreover, relies on its suction cups. These will allow customers to stick the advertising gift on any hard, flat surface. That can mean a wooden table, a metal railing, or a tiled floor. The beverage won’t then roll away from the owner.

Benefits from Octopus Suction Coolie

  • Boost Brand Awareness. The Octopus has a big surface where you can get your branding printed. You may opt to include your logo there, along with contact details to make your products stand out.
  • Improve Campaign. It is an interesting marketing giveaway because of its complete look. Only a few companies have utilized the merchandise too for campaign, so you can turn it into a collectible promo.
  • Enhance Sales. Any consumer who likes to carry a drink wherever they go can take advantage of the Octopus Suction Coolie. The thick silicone can maintain the beverage’s temperature longer than usual as well.

The Octopus Suction Coolie is a marketing gift that various businesses can use. The ODM Group designed it for your clients who often worry about their drinks spilling when knocked over. You have a great space for branding too.

Contact us to find out how to manufacture it without going beyond your marketing budget.

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