While summer’s still a few months away, you should think of ways to use the Able Table for your campaign. It is a round table that The ODM Group came up with after a solid product brainstorming session. The merchandise is for brands that wish to market their goods to consumers who often hit the beach when the weather allows.

able table

Able Table – The Marketing Product for the Beach Enthusiasts

It is a handy promotional product, for sure. When a client stays on the shore, they won’t need to put their drinks or snacks on the ground and risk mixing sand on them. The Able Table’s stand has enough length to it to prevent the flat surface from touching the sandy area.

It is very compact as well. The marketing gift comes in a couple of pieces – the disc and the stand. The back of the table has hooks to hold the two parts of the later. With regard to the former, it’s made with sturdy plastic so the consumers won’t feel much heft. They can carry and stake it to the ground easily.

Perks of Advertising With Able Table

  • Increases Practicality. The advertising product takes the term “portable table” to the next level. It can stay upright with only one leg, thanks to its screw-type bottom. The table is of the right size as well to handle a couple of bottles.
  • Boosts Brand Recall. The face of the Able Table is blank, you see. That entails that your company can use it for branding purposes. Any design or logo you print on it will be visible and eye-catching.
  • Promotes Cost-Effectivity. The bits comprising the special offer can be manufactured in bulk individually. You may then place the end-product in a global merchandise store for the consumers to check out. This technique will let you advertising without using up all the marketing budget.

The Able Table can, of course, be made in different colors to fit into your branding theme. You just need to contact us at The ODM Group as the first step to manufacturing the merchandise.

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