Modern life is very sedentary and to maintain a minimum healthy lifestyle, more and more people join gyms or go out for a run. Hence this would be a great promo because phones became essential even during  these fitness activities.

After sitting the whole day in the office or in class, the following fitness promo item may be a good promo product to accompany your customer for a walk and to encourage them  to a healthier lifestyle.

Fitness Promo Item - Phone Running Armbands

Fitness Promo Item – Phone Running Armbands

These fitness promo items are normally made in synthetic materials as neoprene or polyamide, elastane and polyester.  As for structure and design they are standard but efficient, bright colours and adjustable band. But what differs from the other running armbands are the little high-visibility inserts around the phone case. It’s guaranteed stability, practicality and also visibility.

What advantages does this fitness promo item offer?

  • Materials: Synthetic and elastic materials. They permit right adherence to the arm while running and avoid smell proliferation. This fitness promo item is equipped with an elastic or Velcro and adjustable band that fit any arm sizes or even forearm comfortably. The synthetic material allows then an adequate dispersion of the sweat, which keep the product dry and odourless.
  • Visibility: This fitness promo item is well visible thanks to the bright colour during the day and the light-reflecting inserts during the night. It will work both to easily handle your customers phone and to signal your presence during low-light hours. With such a high visibility, it also would be advantageous as branding product. Moreover the transparent screen will let visibility to consult the playlist and notifications.
  • Practical: The fitness promo idea is studied for running sessions, but it can normally be applied to any other activities such as a walk, hike or when playing sports. Hands free to move and at the same time the cell phone is at hand with no fear of dropping it or being stolen.

If you are interested in this product, please don’t hesitate us. We will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing and manufacturing services necessary to help you in your next promotional campaign.

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