Marathons are a global sport with extremely high visibility and participation.   Major sponsors get great local and international coverage.

Participants travel internationally to take part in famous ones such as the Standard Chartered Marathon series, Los Angeles Marathon, or LA Honda Race. More extreme races such as the 84km ultra-marathon and races in harsh environment such as the Polar Circle Run and Sahara Dessert Race are gaining popularity.

Lets view common items for inclusion to the goodie bags given to runners, aside from the brochures, vouchers and magazines.


Normally in the form of a sleeveless T-shirt or a thin T-shirt, these shirts come printed with logos and designs of corporations to advertise and promote. Dry fit material is most popular but cotton/nylon composition materials are also widely used for cost reasons.  Give proper high quality shirts and you will see a sea of people advertising your brand.


These are some standard bags Standard Chartered have used over the years. Made of polyester, these draw string bags are inexpensive and convenient to store goodies in them. Handheld and sling bags are great carry bags and can easily store additional items..

Water bottle

Although few participants will bring water bottles to the race, it is still a giveaway in marathon events.  This promotional tool will be used after the event in gyms and outdoors events for long term use.  Stainless steel and Aluminum bottles are also available for custmization. To keep beverages cool and insulated, see also Coolzee made from Neoprene material.

Lip balm / Sun Cream.

Protect and hydrate your lips with this balm gel – this one on a lanyard..   These are made with high quality ingredients with testing for different markets.  Sun Cream is another great product for protecting runners from the elements.

Sweat absorbent wristband

This wristband is used mainly to protect the wrist from injuries due to excessive strains from wrist motions.  Sweat is also absorbed in the process. Silk screen printing and embroidered logo is available.  Since the arms are moving in running and lots of other ball and racket sports these are very visible promotional products.

Silicone ID band

This stretchable silicone band is durable and long lasting. Logos and slogans can be embossed on it. Available in any patone colour. Can also incorporate a watch or countdown function.


To keep the runners cool from the heat, visors and caps are often included in the in the bag of goodies.   Caps are great promos since they are so visible when looking down on runners from a vantage point.

In general, these are the common items sponsors of marathon races produce. Of course there are more unique items that are suitable to be thrown into these goodie bags including pre race items like pastas and gels – and of course after race muscle relaxing ointments etc…

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