Chinese New Year, is the most important Spring Festival Chinese Holiday. During this holiday, many Chinese families would visit their relatives. It is a custom for children and unmarried young adults to get red packets (commonly known in Singapore as Ang Bao) from their older relatives. ‘Ang Bao’ is a phrase from the Hokkien dialect which is derived from the Chinese word – 红包, also meaning Red Packets. To add to the joy of this festive season, CleoAnn is having a giveaway for its customers. Customers would receive an Ang Bao orgraniser with every S$120 purchase in a single receipt. Alternatively, the Ang Bao organiser can be purchased at S$9.90 with any other purchase made.

The organiser comes in 4 vibrant colours, purple, red, cream and blue. An Ang Bao organiser is actually a clutch with many compartments to hold red packets during Chinese New Year.

CleoAnn is a small enterprise in Singapore which sells clothes and accessories for women. The company has three branches located in the west of Singapore, and the giveaway can be found at any CleoAnn store.

Ang Bao Organiser Giveaway

Ang Bao Organiser Giveaway

Why an Ang Bao organiser as a giveaway?

The Ang Bao organiser as a giveaway is a practical gift that is appropriate for the current season. Since Chinese New Year is approaching, having a giveaway that is related to Chinese New Year would attract a better response from customers as compared to a giveaway that is completely unrelated. A gift that is in-line with the upcoming trends are always more attractive to customers.

How such a giveaway helps the company

Firstly, it helps to raise brand awareness. This is especially important for small companies such as CleoAnn. Having a giveaway helps to increase brand recall for existing customers and also helps to attract new customers. This allows the brand to be more recognised among the public.

Secondly, a giveaway helps a company to standout from its competitors. Especially when the giveaway is such a unique product like an Ang Bao organiser, it helps CleoAnn to be one notch above their competitors, drawing in more sales.