Liese Singapore is currently having a giveaway where you would receive a pair of reusable ear covers with every box of hair dye that you purchase. These ear covers help to prevent your ears from getting stained during the hair coloring process. Hair coloring chemicals are harmful for the bare skin, especially for those with sensitive skin. Not mentioning that it can be troublesome getting the dye off your ears. Customers are entitled to one pair of ear covers per box, which could be reused and can be kept for future usage. This giveaway is available at any Watsons outlet, major supermarkets and hypermarkets in Singapore that carry Liese Bubble Hair Colour.

Giveaway by Liese

Giveaway by Liese

Liese is the No.1 Styling Brand in Japan which produces a wide range of Hair Color, hair styling and treatment products that cater to every woman’s styling needs and lets you achieve beautiful hair.

Why did Liese use this reusable ear cover as a giveaway?

It is important that giveaways should complement your products as this would prove the giveaway more useful, as consumers would definitely use the product. In this case, consumers would find the ear covers extremely useful during the dying process. It protects your ears from the hair dye and since it is reusable, you can store it and use it repeatedly. The ear covers are made of plastic, which is lightweight and durable. At no time would you feel like something is weighing down your ears when using the product and it can last through multiple usages. It is also black in color to prevent staining on the ear covers. Other brands like L’Oreal and Bigen can also make use of a similar giveaway to attract more customers to buy their products!

How can the reusable ear cover help to increase sales for Liese?

A handy giveaway would attract the attention and leave a good impression on consumers.  Each time a consumer uses the ear covers during the hair coloring process, she would be reminded of Liese and this aids in brand recall which would in turn induce the consumers from repurchasing Liese products. With more consumers repurchasing their products, Liese would be able to generate more revenue in the long run.