With many competitors in your industry, every company needs the perfect marketing idea in order to grow their customer base. What better way to attract new customers than to offer them incentives to sign up to be a member! Epicentre has done just this, with every new membership, they get to choose between one of the following gifts: an iPhone 5 case, an OOPS stylus with pen or a Zalora voucher. This marketing idea was used at the PC show.

Grow Your Customer Base with this Marketing Idea

Grow Your Customer Base with this Marketing Idea

Epicentre is an authorized premium reseller of apple products in Singapore. With 8 stores located around the heart of Singapore, this is one chain store not to be missed when shopping. Over the years, EpiCentre has built up its brand image so that most Singaporeans would think of them when they want to purchase apple products.

Why do I need to come up with a marketing idea?

The answer is very simple: to beat the competition and build up better relations with customers. Especially in a competitive industry like the electronics industry, you need a strong marketing idea to be the preferred consumer brand.

Also, a marketing idea is beneficial to your brand. Firstly, your customer base would increase. People will be attracted by your marketing idea and choose to start purchasing products from you brand. Naturally, sales would increase as well. Secondly, a marketing idea is free advertisement for your brand. As compared to placing an advertisement in the media, having marketing idea acts as a form of advertisement. Especially when your marketing idea is attractive to many, it would naturally spread through word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best way to build up your brand image.

What’s so great about EpiCentre’s marketing idea?

It seems like EpiCentre’s marketing idea was a bunch of freebies thrown together, doesn’t it? But let me tell you, much planning and thought goes into a marketing idea. This marketing idea was not just some random products thrown together. It was carefully thought of and caters to all kinds of consumers.

Here is the rationale behind this marketing idea: iPhone 5 users would be enticed to sign up for an EpiCentre membership as they can get a new case for their phones. Other smart phone users can go for the stylus and those who love to shop would opt for the Zalora voucher. Thus, this marketing idea caters to all kinds of people, regardless of gender or age.

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