Now this is one unique GWP offered at Neiman Marcus. With the purchase of any Cassini Parfum, you will receive this life sized crystal cupcake. The crystal cupcake is sculpted into a delicious looking form, embellished in jewel tone sprinkles and finished off with a cherry on top. It is a scrumptious looking GWP and most certainly a unique gift! This offer is only available for a limited period of time, so hurry down to Neiman Marcus to get it before stocks run out!

Crystal Cupcake GWP

Crystal Cupcake GWP

As a style Icon, Oleg Cassini is well known for creating some of the most legendary moments in fashion history. From styling Hollywood stars to the first lady of the white house, his legacy includes an amazing fragrance collection that imparts the essence

Why offer an interesting GWP?

A quirky looking promotional gift like this embellished cupcake is sure to capture the attention of many! If this item was placed in the storefront, people walking by the store will surely stop to take a look at this item. Out of their curiosity, they might even enter the store to get a better idea of the brand and the promotion that is going on.

This GWP is sure to be a conversation starter as well! When your customers have guests over at their homes, the visitors will definitely be interested in this piece. When customers tell the story about how they got their hands on the gift, your brand name will be mentioned. This will lead to more people knowing about your brand and will increase your brand awareness!

There are many perks of offering interesting gift with purchases, so why not consider this brilliant idea today!

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