The things we carry in our everyday lives are as infinite as the places to which we can travel.   Hiking backpacks convey a strong message of adventure and outdoor healthy living.   This makes them an ideal promotional product.

We’re constantly searching for new ideas and good deals  for you to please your clients with promotional items. The GIF image on the right shows some customisation but we can offer lots more – see our bag website.

A promotional gift is not necessary common and being different and creative will give your branding a high perceived value.  WE like the idea of including the drinks camel pack.  Check also our Solar Backpack Manufacture.

These Backpacks can be specifically designed for short day trips, skiing, cycling, or mountaineering. They can be made with an internal or external frame, made to maximize carrying capacity or minimize weight, and be designed to either stay close to or away from the back.

Coming in several shapes and styles, you can easily customize your promotional backpack with different colours and imprinting your mascot, branding and logo. The exposure with the large imprint area will enable your clients to promote your business at anytime and anywhere he will use it. Moreover this is an extremely useful promotional product in everyday travel.

Give our sourcing office in China a chance to help you for your next promotional campaign and contact our buying office. For more ideas please also check our websites ODMAsia.

Learn how ODM develops new bags with our Sarobag Case Study.