To go along with our Chinelas folding shoe Patent– we are now promoting foldable or collapsible bags.   Some interesting designs at the “Summer Sourcing Show for Gifts, House ware & Toys”can be used as a useful and original promotional gift.

Just 4 steps to get your bag designed and carrying your message around town:

When folded, the bag is handy as it does not use any space.  It can be easily be carried in a handbag or primary bag.   Quite useful since everyone now needs spare bags since more and more supermarkets are charging for plastic carrier bags.

You can choose the shape you want to fold your bag into. We recommend for this season to fold it into the shape of a fruit (i.e.: strawberry, watermelon, orange…), but you can also choose to fold it according to a current event i.e.: into a soccer ball, or a pumpkin for Halloween in September, or simply into a square or rectangular pouch…

The bag in itself can also be customized with your logo to the colors, designs, materials and to the shape of your likes. i.e.: for this time of the year, flower designs and bright colors, shaped in a T shirt or backpack would be most interesting. You can also choose to be eco friendly by resorting to 100% natural organic cotton bags or use Bamboo & recycled materials.