Now is the ideal time to create the perfect Christmas promotional giveaways for your clients! Brighten up those dull festive mandatory tasks by bringing your creative promotional giveaways into the festive spirit.

These printed biodegradable plastic bin bags from Totally Funky use a Christmas pudding within their design in the simplest of ways. What better way to brighten up the front of your house on collection day. These bags can be used for a number of applications including a Christmas sack. There are a number of designs which we can apply to this biodegradable plastic bag, including a Christmas bauble. So why not get festive? Such bags make great promotional giveaways because of the visibility.

Promotional giveaways: Christmas bags

Promotional giveaways: Christmas bags

Why use promotional giveaways during Christmas?

At Christmas, a holiday promotional gift or giveaway is a great way to get your brand remembered whilst also emphasizing your customer appreciation. This can be a difficult task as it can become complicated not to disqualify specific religions and cultures. Deciding on the current item is essential. A Christmas promotional item should be something everyone can enjoy, after all it is the season to be jolly!

The festive season sees fierce competition, everyone wants to be top dog within their industry category because lets face it, there is definitely big bucks to be made at this time of the year! With the sales closely following after Christmas, promotion giveaways are a great way to emphasis brand identity to continue seeing the big money rolling in until the new year!

Our sister company MindSparkz have a diverse experience in design, with a team of multinational designers with different expertise a perfect design for your brand can be created for all cultures. ODM can then make this design become a reality.

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