Need more promotional ideas? Here’s an interesting new idea for companies who want to spice up there promotional portfolio. Branded items are a hugely effective advertising tool, particularly when interesting like this branded sponge. branded items can bring about benefits including increasing brand awareness, recognition and satisfaction.

Interesting Promotional Idea - Branded Sponges

Interesting Promotional Idea – Branded Sponges

Why Produce Branded Items?

Branded sponges as a promotional idea is a great way to increase brand awareness, recognition and brand exposure. This is particularly effective when the branded product is an essential household item as consumers will be more exposed to the product and more importantly the brand. Indirectly this will influence consumers purchasing decisions in favour of the company implementing branded items.

Branded items are super effective as they offer the opportunity for customisation. In this case the sponges have potential space for imprinting. Businesses have the option to imprint logos, slogans and artwork to make brand awareness even more powerful and also helps to differentiate the brand away from competitors.

Branded items particularly these sponges have a large option in terms implementation. They would make a perfect gift with purchase strategy, by offering these as a gift with a purchase will stimulate existing and new potential customers to buy the product. Furthermore these products could be used as give-away campaign, especially at a trade show in order to promote the business increasing brand exposure.

Benefits of Branded Products

There are many important benefit to branded sponges including;

  • Brand awareness – As mentioned above, fundament advantage of branded items is the increased awareness of the brand. Due to the huge utility of this type of product will mean the brand and the product will be effectively promoted on a large scale.


  • Perceived value – By adding a good quality branded print to the item will increase the value of the product and ultimately the brand, that will give a competitive edge over major competitors.


  • Brand recognition – Equally as important as awareness is brand recognition. The more you see the sponge the more times you recognise and think of the brand, which in long run will make consumers remember and potentially favour your brand over competitors.

Ultimately branded sponges can increased sales through activating your brand and increase awareness among potential consumers and would therefore would make a perfect addition to your companies promotional portfolio.

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