JCLU Forever is an online store that sells women apparel that communicates their belief in Christianity. Earlier this week, they came up with an exciting promotion. Check out these adjustable bracelet!

JCLU Forever GWP Adjustable Bracelet

What makes this a great promotional item is that it is adjustable. Anyone can use this product so they are able to target a greater market. Not only that, this gift will be able to drive sales for JCLU Forever as well. JCLU Forever make this promotional campaign to be in a very short time span to create excitement. This is where the rule of scarcity comes in play where people just do not want to lose out from getting this bracelet for free. JCLU Forever could have brand the bracelet with their web address to give greater brand awareness and to get more people to buy their products. Don’t you think this promotion is exciting?

There is always room for improvement, so don’t stop yourself from getting more knowledgable about promotional gifts.