Budweiser Bottle Cap Clock

Time is money in the corporate world, the Promotional Products market being acutely time sensitive with urgent promotions orders be Marketing Departments all the time.   Take care of your customers by taking care of their time.

With the upcoming HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair in September, let’s take a look at some of these latest trends in the timepiece market, some of which we caught at Canton Fair and factory visits last month…

The Beer Promos one on the right by Budweiser could work well for any Drinks Company.  Would be nice to have a built in functioning bottle opener !!

Nikon Camera Clock

On the left you can see a successful promo by Nikon showing how clock can be shaped like a camera for maximum effect.

Promotional Clocks are frequently used in the promotional market and can capture attention due to positionning in the home, office, bar or other location.

This year spotted trends revolving mainly around Sports and Beverages. Seeing the potential they can have with this two sectors, clockmakers are constantly innovating to differentiate themselves.

EL Lighting Integrated Clock - The Ultimate Display

Only unique and provocative designs are able to really stand out from the crowd and grab attention.   Here Jim Beam add Electroluminescent lighting to their clocks.

By adding a quirky touch to its customized design, clocks make not only a nice promotional timepiece, but also a wonderful wall display (the purpose of promos – displaying your brand).

Known to be a functional promotional product & giveaway, and thanks to their versatility in design, they can be easily customized to suit your brand image.

More Ideas Below….

Sports – Themed Timepieces.  The way you display your brand logo, the shape or size of the clock and the product that your clock represents are all factors in determining how your clock can stand out.

Whenever the hour hand makes one full revolution, there will be some kind of movement to show that an hour has passed. For e.g. the racing car will race a few rounds around the clock(track) to announce the passing of the hour. With the noise made from the racing, it will definitely garner attention.

Or Whimsical shapes like this…  As mentioned above, clocks could take up any form you wish (creativity knows no limits!), and these are just some which stood out from the ocean of round typical clocks.

Football Jersey Clock

Dr Pepper Promotional Clock

Retro – themed clocks Below

Clocks like these below have a retro touch to them, grabbing some attention and triggering old memories as well, bringing customers back in time. Great item for anniversary collector’s item/promo.

Opening the lid and there you find... A Clock

Gas Sign Clocks

Beverages & Liqueur below…

These clocks are designed towards promoting beverage brands, with them taking the shape of signature cans/mugs etc. Liqueur brands could definitely use the last one, integrated with EL lighting, making it the ultimate display in bars and pubs.

Fizzy Drinks!

Mug Inspired Clock for Lipton, Starbucks etc

Clocks provide a great platform for advertising – through its immense utility of telling the time, there are more reasons to be displayed allowing your brand to truly shine…